3 in 1 Digital LCD TDS EC Temp PPM Meter Tester Filter Pen Water Quality Taster

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Specifications: name: tds& ec metermodel: 957761concuctivity: 0-9999us/cmtds: 0-9999ppmcelsius: 0.1-80.0ãÀžæâ€fahrenheit: 32.0-176.0ãÀžÃ€°accuracy: ñ 2%material: abscolor: bluesize: 148mm*29mm*13mmà feature: tds& ec meter is a professional instrument with multi-function, can be usedto testing water tds(the weight of total dissolved solid of water, unit is mg/l or ppm)conductivity(the ability of conduction current expressed in digit, unit is us/cm)and thetemperature. It has high performance, pen-type design, fast numerical stability and accurate result.  use step: 1. Remove the electrode protective cap before use. 2. Press the on/off button, and immerse the meter into the solution. (the solution should not over the immersion line)3. After the numerical display is steady, press the hold button and take it out of the solution forà checking the result. 4. Wipe clean the electrode after using, turn off the meter and replace the protective cap.  package include: 1ã— tds& ec meter(not included battery)1ã— bag case1ã— manualmore details:


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